Glastonbury 2020

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

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After another amazing event in 2019, the anticipation and excitement around Glastonbury is greater than ever! Celebrating their 50th anniversary, the UK's largest line-up will be sure not to disappoint. 

To travel there with neon from Norwich simply join this existing journey. Travel has never been easier!

Your coach will pick you up from Norwich Bus Station and take you direct to Glastonbury Festival. 

This coach arrives to Glastonbury on the 26th of June and departs on the 29th of June.

Please note, you will be notified whether your journey has been confirmed or not a minimum of 5 days ahead of departure. 

Don’t forget to share this journey with your friends, family and other fans to encourage as many people as possible on-board so we can confirm your journey!


Norwich Glastonbury 2020
04:10 10:00
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09:30 15:20
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£ 30.00

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