Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Champions League - Bayern v Tottenham

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

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With the fixtures for the group stages out, don't miss your chance to witness some of Europe's best sides battle it out so support your team in the battle for the Champions League trophy wherever they are playing! We will take you direct to Football Arena Munich with plenty of comfort breaks along the way. And there's no need to worry about expensive accommodation as we take you back on the same day. Travel direct from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to Football Arena Munich, arriving around 13:00 on the 11th of December, allowing you time to soak up the atmosphere and experience all the city has to offer. Departure will be roughly one hour after the match has finished. For detailed journey itineraries please see your journey page. Please make sure you check the Terms and Conditions to see Passport and European travel requirements. All passengers will be subject to neon Terms and Conditions. Please note, this does not include your ticket to the match and is for travel only.

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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Champions League - Bayern v Tottenham
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