Muse - 14/09

Saturday, 14 September 2019

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Muse are back with a brand new album and a brand new tour! Renowned for their spectacular shows, Muse are ready to put on another amazing show. If you're lucky enough to bag some tickets, use neon to get you directly to the show! 

To travel there with neon simply join this existing journey or request a new one. Travel has never been easier!   

Your coach will pick you up from the National Express stop at Kingsway and take you direct to O2 London. Your coach will collect you one hour after the show has finished. 

Please note, you will be notified whether your journey has been confirmed or not a minimum of 5 days ahead of departure. 

Don’t forget to share this journey with your friends, family and other fans to encourage as many people as possible on-board so we can confirm your journey!


Newport Muse - 14/09
12:10 15:00
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