What is neon?

neon is the next step in coach travel, removing the barriers between you and the journeys you can’t miss out on.

With neon’s on-demand style of travel, you decide the pick-up point, dates and timings, giving you more control over your journey than ever before.

How it Works

1. Find or request a journey

Join one of our existing neon coach journeys or request a new one to wherever you
want to go

2. Reserve your seat

Can’t see the one you want? Request your own using our simple form.

3. Wait for the coach to fill up

Wait for others to join in, and your journey to be confirmed, so you can travel to your required destination.

Frequently asked questions

What if I can’t find an event or a journey I want to join?

If you can’t see a journey to an event you want to attend or can’t find a departure point near to where you want to leave from, simply request a new journey and we’ll review it for publication on the site.

What’s the difference between requested, confirmed and guaranteed journeys?

‘Requested’ journeys are journeys that people have suggested in the site. They’ll only go ahead when and if enough people reserve a seat on the trip. ‘Confirmed’ journeys already have enough reservations to go ahead so,if you request a seat, you know the journey will definitely be happening. ‘Guaranteed’ journeys are trips that National Express will be running, no matter how many people book, so you can go ahead and reserve your place knowing you’ll get to where you need to go.

What if a requested journey doesn’t get enough bookings?

Once we get enough reservations on a requested trip, we’ll change its status to ‘confirmed’ and we’ll notify passengers the trip will be going ahead. If it doesn’t get the required number of seats, the journey won’t happen and one of our team will get in touch with you to suggest alternative options in enough time for you to make other travel arrangements. Remember, the more reservations we get, the better the chance of the journey going ahead so spread the word and share the journey with your friends, family and other fans on social media!

Will I get charged for reserving a seat on a requested journey?

Don’t worry, we’ll only take payment and issue your ticket once a trip requested journey becomes confirmed, or if you’re booking on a journey that’s already ‘confirmed’ or ‘guaranteed’. If a journey doesn’t go ahead, you won’t be charged for your seat. We only ask for your payment details up-front so we can hold your seat and get it booked once enough people sign up for the trip.

If you have any more questions about booking with neon, please contact us at hello@getneon.co.uk for more details.